MULLED WINE – The perfect Winter Warmer!

By December 14, 2015News

Mulled wine has been around for hundreds of years and we have the Romans to thank for it. Wine was first recorded as spiced and heated in Rome during the 2nd century and, whilst conquering and trading across Europe, they brought their recipes with them. The alcohol can be brewed with a wide variety of ingredients but the most common appear to be cinnamon, cloves and citrus fruits such as lemons or oranges. Sugar or honey is used for sweetness, but how much is added often varies. As you can imagine, the most popular recipes for mulled wine vary from country to country and depending on an individual’s taste. In German speaking countries mulled wine, or ‘glühwein’, is also known to be made from blueberry and cherry wine. Glühwein translates roughly as ‘glow wine’ after the hot irons once used to mull the drink.
There was a period when the Romans prohibited the establishment of vineyards outside Italy, in order to safeguard its wine trade, but in the third century the emperor Probus granted permission to Britain, Spain and Gaul to re-establish them. All hail Probus! Mulled wine isn’t the only drink that appears around this time of year. Eggnog is a popular American festive drink made from milk, cream, sugar and whipped eggs. Belly warming spirits such as brandy, rum and bourbon are then added. Historians believe the name derives from the word ‘noggin’, which referred to small wooden mugs used to serve this kind of drink.