Saint Patrick’s Day

By March 16, 2016Events, News

Traditionally, Saint Patrick’s day is a celebration of Saint Patrick, the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and all things typically Irish. Unofficially, the holiday is an excuse for many to see how much booze they can drink.
The celebrations happen during lent but, conveniently, any ‘restrictions’ are lifted especially for the occasion, which is why alcohol and Paddy’s Day often go hand in hand.
What many people don’t know is that the celebrations are heavily influenced by the many Irish that migrated from their homeland to North America. Saint Patrick’s Day was made an official Christian ‘feast day’ in the late 17th Century, but until the 20th Century Paddy’s Day was often a bigger celebration in America than it was in Ireland. Many of the traditional celebrations we see today, such as big parades and costumes, were born in the U.S. too.
Nonetheless, Saint Patrick’s Day and its celebrations are rooted deep within Irish culture and everyone is encouraged to take part; which is great because we do love a pint of Guinness.