Is it time for a cocktail yet?

By April 1, 2016News

Seeing as Easter has just passed, we thought we’d share this recipe for the perfect spring cocktail. However, the sun doesn’t need to be shining to enjoy this drink!
Here are the ingredients you’ll need to make a pitcher full of delicious strawberry and basil margarita:
12 to 14 strawberries
8 basil leaves
6-8 shots of tequila (add more if you fancy)
Limeade, or lemonade with a dash of lime cordial
Cubed ice
Now follow these steps and get tasting:
Add a few cubes of ice to the pitcher.
Hull the strawberries, then slice them length ways and chuck ‘em in.
Crumple the basil a little in your hands (this will help release the flavour) and add to the mix.
Time for the tequila!
Fill the rest with your limeade, or lemonade with a dash of lime
Give the drink a quick stir and cover the jug with foil.
Pop the pitcher in the fridge and leave to chill overnight, or at least 4/5 hours.
When you return your pitcher will be a pale pink in colour, bursting with flavour and ready to drink!