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Sandle Bridge Lane to Peover Hall

There are plenty of great walks from The Dog. You can have a countryside walk, followed by delicious pub food and refreshing drink.

Our first walk to let you know about is the ‘Sandle Bridge Lane to Peover Hall’. This distance is 10 miles.

Below is the directions for you to take for the walk.

  1. Start the walk on Sandle Bridge Lane and head towards Baguley Fold and then to Pinfold
    Lane. Turn right at Pinfold Lane and then take the footpath on the left before reaching
    Sandle Bridge Lane. Continue to Chelford Road and turn right.
  2. Cross Chelford Road and after a very short walk take the footpath to Moss Road. Cross Moss
    Road and continue straight ahead to School Lane and turn right. There are some lovely old
    houses and cottages along this lane. Take the footpath on your left at the fork in the road
    towards Ash Farm, and then to Radbrook Hall. Continue on towards Stocks Lane and turn
  3. Just after the Whipping Stocks Inn on the left turn into a drive past a gatehouse towards
    Ambrose Acre. Cross the bridge over the stream and continue on to Peover Hall, turning left
    through the estate and then left Four Lane Ends. Stop off at Peover Hall if you like and take
    a look at the Church.
  4. Just before Four Lane End, take the path on the left to Stocks Lane and then turn right and
    then left along a bridleway towards Newhall Farm. Turn right after the farm and then right
    again towards Colshaw Hall.
  5. Pass the Hall and exit into Stocks Lane and turn left. After a few yards, turn left down a
    drive and then immediately turn right along the path through the gate, Continue on a
    pleasant route past Merrydale Farm on your left.
  6. Just before entering Chelford Road turn sharp left through a farm and continue on towards
    the water tower. Turn right after the water tower and take the footpath, straight ahead, to
    Sandhole Farm.
  7. Turn right into Snelson Lane and then left at the junction and then immediately right along
    the footpath towards Chelford Road. Cross Chelford Road and follow the footpath
    immediately ahead towards Sandle Bridge Lane and turn right. Follow the Lane turning left
    at the bridge to the start of the walk

Use the link below to book a table for your return. You’ll deserve it!

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