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Over Peover Trek

There are plenty of great walks from The Dog. You can have a countryside walk, followed by delicious pub food and refreshing drink.

Our first walk to let you know about is the ‘Over Peover Trek’. This distance is 4.3 miles.

Below is the directions for you to take for the walk.

  1. Turn right out of The Dog car park and walk along Well Bank Lane until you meet a
    crossroads known as 4 Lane Ends. A signpost points towards Peover Hall where we will
    take a left, sticking to the signed footpath and entering the estate by a stout wooden gate.
  2. Just past a stable, a gate takes us forward along an avenue of trees leading to a stile between
    two ponds. Head across parkland to an ornamental gate and turn right, then follow a path
    past St Lawrence’s Church.
  3. Go through a stand of mature trees until you come to a stile. Leave the trees and turn left,
    then shortly after take a right over a second stile. Keep along the fence on your right, and
    then enter a copse when you come to a barrier. Exit by another stile, keeping in the same
    direction. At the next stile keep left on a well-defined track towards an iron estate gate
    beside a pond.
    4. Go through the gate and follow the dead-straight track to meet the A50. We avoid the busy
    road by turning right on to Stocks Lane. The pub on the right is the famous Whipping
    Stocks, an old coaching inn.
    5. Cross to the pavement opposite and walk along Stocks Lane past the entrance to Radbroke
    Hall, a Barclays Bank building. Just past the exit, look for a footpath sign on the left leading
    to a rutted track.
    6. On leaving the track go through a metal kissing gate in the left hand hedge, where you will
    reach a footpath sign. Take a second kissing gate to change direction by going right. Keep
    to the hedge until you see a gap through to the next field, where the farmer has left a way
    7. We join a bridleway between hedges, which comes to a lane opposite a nature reserve
    known as Lower Moss Wood. Turn right heading towards Blease Farm, but branch off to
    the left before reaching it, on to a tarmac lane. This lane bends to the right, before coming
    to a bench with a signpost beside it.
    8. Take the green causeway between two fields to reach a gap in the hedge, where you will find
    another stile that gives access to another bridleway. Turn right here to find yourself back on
    Stocks Lane.
    9. Turn left and head towards Park Gate Inn. Walk a little further and you will come to the
    crossroads, 4 Lane Ends, again. Head straight over onto Well Bank Lane, and follow the
    road until you come to The Dog.

Use the link below to book a table for your return. You’ll deserve it!

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