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There are plenty of great walks from The Dog. You can have a countryside walk, followed by delicious pub food and refreshing drink.

Our first walk to let you know about is the ‘Peover Heath Stroll’. This distance is 2.25 miles.

Below is the directions for you to take for the walk.

  1. On leaving The Dog, turn left and follow the lane past a row of terraced houses. About 60
    yards after passing a telephone kiosk, the lane turns sharply to the right. Leave the lane
    here and pass through a facing gate to follow a macadam drive between conifer trees. The
    drive leads towards Sycamore Farm. Go through a small gate on the right, which is close by
    the entrance gate to the farm, and follow a hedge that skirts around the farm.
  2. Where the hedge on the left finishes, turn left and cross a field to go over a double stile, in
    the same general direction as before, and then go over a stile in a crossing fence. Bear
    slightly right now and walk across a field corner to go over a stile, which is set in a fence to
    the left of a large dwelling. Follow a straight macadam drive past dwellings and, after about
    300 yards, arrive at a crossing lane.
  3. Turn right along the lane. After only 60 yards leave the lane to the left and then turn left
    again to go through a small wooden gate, which gives access to a narrow hedged-in path;
    where you will find a tall conifer hedge on the immediate right. Where this hedge finishes,
    go over a stile to enter a field.
    Keep along the field edge where, over to the right, about ½ a mile away, can be seen a tall
    water tower – a well-known landmark in the area. Pass over a stile at the field corner and
    follow a well-defined path through scrubland. The path leads to a crossing drive.
  4. Walk straight across the drive and keep along a field edge where, on your left, there is a
    fence interspersed with large trees. After half a mile, go over a stile at the side of a gate and
    arrive at a crossing lane.
  5. Turn left and follow the lane-side pavement. Pass ‘Ye Olde Park Gate Inn’ and keep forward
    at the next junction, in the direction of Peover Heath. Keep on, past a minor lane which
    goes off to the right, and shortly after passing Cinder Lane arrive back at The Dog.

Use the link below to book a table for your return. You’ll deserve it!

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